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Welcome Class of 2020 & 2021!

Congratulations Seniors!  I look forward to working with you all to make your magic happen this year! Fashion, sports, pets, music?  It's your shoot.  I want to hear your ideas and make them happen.

In light of the COVID-19 lock-downs, all senior sessions have been postponed to whenever we re-open.  Even when this happens we will take extra precautions to make sure we are safe and healthy while conducting your photo shoots.  Also, I will be giving away several Senior Sessions over the next month.  Use the form below to submit for a chance at a Free Senior Session.


So I know you are asking, "What does it cost?" and "What do I get?"

The Senior Session is $200.  This covers my time and any location fees/permit fees we may run into.   You will have a total of 3 hours.  You can split that up in any way you want, but here is my suggestion to every senior. 


1 hour in studio, 1 hour destination, and 1 hour outdoor. 


What is a destination shoot?  Every month I hold a destination shoot, like to a field of sunflowers or to a beach.  Destination shoots are group shoots.  You won't be the only senior there.  As you take breaks and switch outfits I will rotate someone else in.  I limit these shoots to 6 subjects.  You can book with a friend for pictures together as well.  You will have more time than you need.  As this is a group shoot, I only count it as 1 hour, even if it takes me 3 hours to get the shots the group of seniors needs.



Package A:  

- 5x5 Photographic Pano Book (1)

- 5x7 (2)

- Wallet Sheet (8 wallets)

- 11x14 Framed Wall Portrait (1)

Package B:

- 8x10 Premium Lay-Flat Album (1)

- 5x7 (4)

- Wallet Sheet (8 wallets)

- 11x14 Framed Wall Portrait (1)

Package C:

- 8x10 Salvatore Cincotta Premimum Album (1)

- 5x7 (4)

- Wallet Sheet (8 wallets)

- 20x30 Framed Wall Portrait (1)

A: $250
B: $375
C: $675

A la Carte pricing available on the Price List.

Graduation Announcements, prints, wall portraits, albums, gifts and more!!

Package substitutions available and are made on a case by case basis. 

Let me know what you need!

 Don't know what to wear?

Add a Fashion flare to your shoot!  Pick a dress or suit/tux for your shoot.  Need Hair and Makeup?  I got you.  This fashion makeover makes a great gift to seniors.  For men and women.  Get a premium rental outfit, hair and make up added to your shoot.  Pick one of your shoot times to add this package for an extra fashion flare and the best photos of YOU!

Rentals are from Rent The Runway for the ladies and The Black Tux for the gents.

F: $300
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